Character Bank – Affectionate Werewolf

Werewolves are known for their veracious hunger. They are often thought of as violent and unable to control themselves in wolf form. But who are they outside of being werewolves. Do their personalities change just because they become werewolves and... Read more

Character Bank – Vampire Sun

For the most part vampires have to stay out of the sun. There are some stories where they can walk in the sun with various consequences, some minor, some extreme. But what if a vampire who lived in a world... Read more

Character Bank – Graveyard Trivia

There is something creepy to most people about graveyards. Maybe it’s the fact that six feet under the ground are dozens, even hundreds or rotting corpses, dead dreams, and lives that ended, sometimes long before anyone thought they should. Or... Read more

Character Bank – Hook for a Hand

I can’t imagine it is easy getting use to have a hook in place of a hand. These days we have some pretty realistic prosthetics, but even then it probably isn’t the easiest thing to get used to using them.... Read more

Character Bank – Dark Gray Creatures

Rather than an individual character, this character bank prompt is about a race that is designed to be used in either science fiction or fantasy. They appear to be humanoid based off the description and probably are meant to be... Read more

Character Bank – Traveling Punishers

Although this race of characters is listed as fantasy or sci-fi, I am inclined to lean more toward sci-fi for them. They are very much dependent on computers and while those can show up in fantasy, especially modern fantasy, that... Read more

Character Bank – Giraffe Markings

This race of characters is interesting. I am tall, so I call giraffes my signature animal or something like that. It always makes me smile when I get to see them and they are interesting animals. Now this race does... Read more

Character Bank – Lipless Mouths

This character bank is about a group of fantasy or sci-fi creatures who sound more like something out of a horror movie to me than either of the above. They are small in stature, similar to small children. It is... Read more

Character Bank – Magical Interference

This prompt is based off a character I created for one of my fanfics. This character is a young man with no magical ability whatsoever, but he is aware of the existence of magic. Although in the grand scheme of... Read more

Character Bank – Reincarnation Culture

This group of characters is clearly stated to be human. There is a lot to unpack with them. To start with, they are all psychic, naturally so. This could be a genetic thing or it could be that people who... Read more