Dialogue Prompt – You Should Be Dead

Some people just have bad aim. The people trying to kill the second character in this prompt seem to be among those. Most likely they did try multiple ways to kill them, but clearly none of them worked and you are left with a lot of questions after this conversation.

It’s hard to even say what the first question is, because so many seem to be important here. As such I will start with the one that comes first to mind which is, why are they trying to kill this person? There is no context as there usually isn’t with dialogue prompts, but we know that a lot of people have tried to kill this person and we don’t know why.

The next question that comes to my mind is about the first speaker and that is, are they friend or foe. Are they impressed and glad that the second person is alive or are they annoyed?

Additional questions include, what methods were tried in these murder attempts? Who is this person who is able to avoid all this attempts at killing them and were the attempts really that bad or is this person just that good at protecting themself.

And then there is the question of if these attacks were coordinated or if this person is just really disliked. If people hate someone enough they can potentially come up with separate plans to kill them.

A final more sobering question is, did anyone else die in these attempts in place of the second speaker. Sometimes when someone tries to kill someone else other people end up getting in the way and end up dead, too, or instead of them. What do you think happened in this case?

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