Character Bank – Tall Mermaid

I have to admit that one thing I never considered about mermaids was whether or not they were tall, so the idea of a tall mermaid has me, as a relatively tall woman, curious. Beyond the fact that I’m pretty sure she’s taller than I am, I find myself relating to her in various ways. We both like braided hair, though mine generally is not in a braid and when it is, it is hardly neat. Her tail is one of my favorite colors and we both like sweets.

Of course a lot of people like sweets, so that’s not saying a lot on the last point. Also, like her I like rings. Unlike her, I don’t really wear them much, but I like her choice of a flower ring and a jeweled ring. I wonder if it’s a real flower and if so what kind of flower works well in water and if she has to replace it as it dies or if she has someway to keep the flower alive.

In general, she seems like a nice character who would get along with most people, so what’s her story? How does she fit into mermaid society? She’s called very tall, is that a positive or a negative thing for her and in what way? She gets lost a lot, but doing what? Where does she go that takes her out of the familiar? Or does she tend to get lost even in places that should be familiar?

If you had her in your story, would she be a major character or someone in the background? What kind of role might she play in your story?

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