Location Vault – Endless Pool

Location vault is a new category focused on locations in much the way that character bank is focused on characters. I’m sure other people have done similar things, but I couldn’t find any names for it, so I came up... Read more

Character Prompt – Never Pregnant

This prompt is the result of feeling yesterday’s prompt was a bit too serious and while this could definitely a rather serious situation it is also one that could be on the more absurd side. After all who would not... Read more

Writing Prompt – Forbidden Love

This prompt is based off two characters in one of my stories who’s situation is created due to the world they are in, a world I did not create though both characters are mine. In their line of work one... Read more

Writing Prompt – Magic Stones

While reading a story in one of my current favorite series, I got to a part where the magic using main character had to go collect an item that would allow her to use her magic more efficiently. It isn’t... Read more

Writing Prompt – Different Cultures

I like stories about people who somehow end up in another world or an alternate dimension somehow and what they must do to make sense of the world around them. I like to root for them as they try to... Read more

Writing Prompt – Global Situation

Things are kind of crazy this year, so I thought I’d go take a Blast From the Past and take inspiration from 1999 back when we were “fighting” the “oh so scary” Y2K. I don’t know about you, but that... Read more

Character Bank – Assassin’s Daughter

This prompt is based off of a character who was underdeveloped in a fandom I am in and I decided to be one of the many people who did my own take on her. There was a lot of potential... Read more

Writing Prompt – Not the End

Wondering what comes after life or if something comes after life is not something new. There are many different beliefs on that and what you believe on the afterlife can affect what you do in the here and now. I... Read more

Character Bank – Marriage for Heirs

The idea for this came from a story I read. There was a lot more going on in the story and this was a pretty minor point overall, only being brought up a handful of times in the entire story,... Read more

Whump Prompt – Broken Legs

Sometimes things don’t go our way. Nothing says that more than the bad consequences that follow bad decisions and bad events. If your characters have everything going there way, it’s easy to wonder why. Hopefully it’s because you have a... Read more