Family Traditions

Every family has their traditions and with Christmas coming tomorrow I would like to tell you about one of ours. My family comes from German ancestry and according to my mom that is where this tradition originate from, though I... Read more

Writing Prompt – Daydream World

In this prompt from Writing-Prompt-S we find that the world a child dreamed about was made real somehow. This is a curious idea for a couple reasons. The first thing is how did this happen? It appears from the prompt... Read more

Location Vault – Endless Pool

Location vault is a new category focused on locations in much the way that character bank is focused on characters. I’m sure other people have done similar things, but I couldn’t find any names for it, so I came up... Read more

Writing Prompt – Foolish

God is real. I know this. God is not real. You know this. We cannot both be right if that is the case. Whether in our real world or a fictional one of science fiction or fantasy there will be... Read more

Writing Prompt – Ancient Gods Enter the Workforce

I like stories that include the ancient mythological gods, so when I saw this one by Writing.Prompts.S I absolutely had to include it. Based off the wording, it seems likely that this loss of their powers was a recent event.... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Gold Star

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have a rather interesting conversation. There are just two people talking and we don’t know what brought this up, but I get the idea that this is probably a very real thing... Read more

Character Bank – Angst Feeder

I found this character from the character bank quite interesting, because he’s like a vampire, but not. With a very large Angel exception, I really am not much a fan of vampires, well, Angel and a few of the other... Read more

The 20s Are Here!

Happy New Year, everyone! Not only is it a new year, but it’s a new decade. One hundred years ago the Great War was barely ended and here in the US Prohibition was in full swing. Underground stills were on... Read more

Swimming In Salt

After trying to find a good place to swim, and time to do it in, this whole trip, we went to the beach, Palm Beach to be exact. You get there and you have two options. You can park along... Read more

The Argument for Seat Belts

I’ve always been super picky about seat belts. As a little kid I didn’t want to rid in a car unless I had one on. There were times when this meant sitting buckled in an adult’s lap or sharing a... Read more