Character Bank – Purple Skinned Troll

I admit I haven’t much thought about trolls as characters to be developed and that’s why this prompt caught my attention. There isn’t a lot here, a normal situation for a character bank prompt, but what there is tells you... Read more

Writing Prompt – Make Me a Queen

First off, wow. I think the woman in this prompt by Joni Green deserves a crown. Raising eight children isn’t easy. Boys and girls have their own challenges, so I think raising eight children well is something you deserve to... Read more

Character Bank – Translucent Man

There are a lot of takes on the idea of an invisible person. In this prompt by got-an-inkling the man in the prompt turns invisible with sunlight. This almost certainly has a massive effect on how he conduct himself. His... Read more

Character Bank – No Poison Meat Please

Every story of the apocalypse starts with something that goes wrong. Stop me if you’ve heard this one . . . After the weapon or energy source went off, everything was left a desert with hardly a tree in sight.... Read more

Writing Prompt – Something Off

I cannot imagine having the level of expertise needed to identify a fake at a glance as seen in this prompt by Joni Green. I do not for one minute doubt that such expertise exists. I just can’t imagine how... Read more

Writing Prompt – Weather and Fate

Nature is something that we seek to control and generally cannot. Weather is one such aspect of nature. What if you grew up in a culture that believed that weather was more than just nature interacting with itself. In the... Read more

Worldbuilding Spotlight

Starting next week I will be adding a weekly Worldbuilding Spotlight. These will cover one topic for one month and then move on to the next topic for the next month. Occasionally we will return to these topics if I... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Minor Inconvenience

This prompt by Purple Dragon Prompts has a character who is really trying hard to sound like he or she doesn’t care. While reading manga a lot lately I have come across a word that seems to describe the speaker... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – We’re Twins

This prompt from the Writer’s Encyclopedia makes me think of something the Weasley twins might have said to each other and I am not entirely sure this isn’t an exchange or similar to an exchange they had with each other.... Read more

Interviewing with The Writing Kylie

I might be a little biased here, but I have most if not all of Kylie Day’s books on writing. Upon seeing that she had a character interviews on her website, I definitely needed to include a link to it... Read more