Dialogue Prompt – We’re Twins

This prompt from the Writer’s Encyclopedia makes me think of something the Weasley twins might have said to each other and I am not entirely sure this isn’t an exchange or similar to an exchange they had with each other.

There are two characters in this prompt and there is heavy implication that they are identical twins. At the very least they are twins, but most likely they are identical. The first speaker straight up is bragging about how good he or she looks and these characters sound like a blast.

I cannot imagine going up to one of my siblings, none of whom are my twin, since I don’t have one of those, and telling him or her that all he or she has going for him or her is his or her looks. Not that this line would work well for complimenting me even if I did since I have always felt that I look the least alike of the four of us. With my siblings baby pictures, the only way you can tell them apart is the clothes since they all had the same hair and eye color and of course they were babies. My hair and eyes were not the same.

Now we can look at pictures of one of my sisters and her daughter and comment on how similar they look or look at pictures of the other sister and the same niece and I feel a little left out, because you will definitely never look at pictures of grade school me and think I look like my niece at that age. I even lost the claim to look the most like our mom when we found a picture of her in her twenties and she looked just like my sister and nothing like me, though since I look the most like she does now, I guess that at least proves there is some sort of similarity between my siblings and myself and I like that.

I won’t ever have this level of look-a-likeness of these two characters. The second one is buying the comment for a second or at least the second one sees it for what it is, bragging. Or at least teasing.

If there are any twins reading this, is this something you would say to your twin? If so how would your twin react to the comment? I’m just curious how common this type of humor is between twins. I personally find it right up my alley, so I imagine that there have to be twins out there who have this type of humor, but do you?

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