Character Bank – Mute Witch’s Daughter

As the daughter of a witch, this character probably was brought up learning how to do whatever things a witch does. Perhaps she is a healer. Perhaps she learned how to curse people similar to how she was cursed. It’s likely that she knows much about the trade unless she actively doesn’t want to know things about it.

The information implies that the person who cursed her is also a witch and that he or she did so are the bequest of her tribe. The wording seems to imply that they are in tribes though if this is tribes of witches or tribes that have a witch in a specific position is for you to decide.

The implication does seem to be that she is not responsible for being cursed. It is likely that she was cursed as a punishment either for her parent or for her tribe in general being disliked by the rival tribe. That cannot be an easy thing to live with and it would be understandable if she felt resentful about it if that was indeed the case.

Do you think her tribe is one of fellow witches or that she and her parent are the only witches around? What do you think the technology level of the two tribes is?

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