Character Bank – Centaur Likes Shiny Things

There is something quite fun about this character. It doesn’t say much about her and it doesn’t need to. She is eccentric, so she’s probably not part of the in crowd. Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of friends or... Read more

Character Bank – Hair Like a Thundercloud

The idea that there is someone or something higher than us can be quite comforting or absolutely terrifying, depending on what you believe about such a person. Are they the kind of person who wants whats best for you and... Read more

Character Bank – Mute Witch’s Daughter

As the daughter of a witch, this character probably was brought up learning how to do whatever things a witch does. Perhaps she is a healer. Perhaps she learned how to curse people similar to how she was cursed. It’s... Read more

Character Bank – Tall Mermaid

I have to admit that one thing I never considered about mermaids was whether or not they were tall, so the idea of a tall mermaid has me, as a relatively tall woman, curious. Beyond the fact that I’m pretty... Read more

Character Bank – Dragonoid Shapeshifter

Here’s my second prompt of my own making. This one is completely made from my head. I’m sure it’s influenced by various things, but none that I specifically know of. If you can’t tell, I love dragons. They are fascinating... Read more

Character Bank – Gossipy Knight

She’s an interesting sort, the knight in this character bank prompt. I think she’d likely be a lot of fun to have in a story if she fit into the world the story was in. Her appearance is interesting. The... Read more

Character Bank – 700-Year-Old Demon

Admittedly, I’m not too fond of the idea of a character who is a demon, so this does have cause to give me pause. However, the idea of someone who is 700-years-old pretending to be someone much younger is one... Read more

Character Bank – She Loves Trolling

Here’s our first character bank. I find this character a bit too close to home. It’s not that I am really all that much like her, but there are enough similarities for me to stop and pay attention. I am... Read more