Character Bank – She Loves Trolling

Here’s our first character bank. I find this character a bit too close to home. It’s not that I am really all that much like her, but there are enough similarities for me to stop and pay attention.

I am nearing 40 and I love reading. Really that’s all there is. I mean I do take a rather odd amusement in letting people believe I understand less than I do, but I am also quick to correct them and I only do it in person. It would be dull on the internet where I cannot see their responses. Also, it’s not something I think too much about and if I think about it for long, I have a tendency to retract things like that.

This character is an artist. It doesn’t say if she is good at drawing and painting as the only thing it says she is good at is trolling people on the internet. It says she enjoys it, something it also says about reading and about trolling.

I could never write a character who was good at trolling people, mostly because in concept I really just don’t understand it. The closest I come is trying to keep a straight face when someone tells me a joke that I have dissected and discard as a bad joke. It’s rarely because I don’t understand it. It’s because I do understand it that I don’t laugh.

That said, I think such characters can be interesting to read and I do wonder if this character is as good at drawing and painting as she apparently is at trolling. What do you think? Would you make her good or just someone who enjoys doing those things?

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