Character Bank – Hair Like a Thundercloud

The idea that there is someone or something higher than us can be quite comforting or absolutely terrifying, depending on what you believe about such a person. Are they the kind of person who wants whats best for you and the people you love or are the type who wants to punish you for every wrong, real or otherwise?

Who they are affects how much you want them in your life or if you want them in your life. Both questions are quite important and depending on them, assuming of course they are real, it may or may not be up to you if they are in your life or not. You may have no choice in the matter or it may be fully up to you.

In this prompt, the character is a goddess. Her age is unknown, but she looks like a tall, athletic, young woman. Around her neck is an amulet made of the bones of some sort of monster likely one that either she killed or someone killed for her. What catches my attention the most is the description of her hair looking like a thundercloud. Is it dark, thick, and sparking? What exactly does that mean?

This doesn’t say what she is the goddess of or if she is the goddess of something specific. Perhaps she is just a goddess in general with no specific rolls at present.

If you have some sort of pantheon in your story or a religion that worships a single goddess, would she fit into your story? If so what might her description change about it?

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