Writing Prompt – Missing Best Friends

This prompt is definitely on the spooky side. It’s not something that could happen in real life unless a very large group of people conspired to convince two people they were crazy like this. I would say I can’t imagine... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Eyebrows

In this dialogue prompt by The Fake Redhead is quite interesting. I have found that I really like the creativity that The Fake Redhead has with these prompts and I’m really glad to share another one with you. This particular... Read more

Orson Scott Card’s Hatrack River

Getting advise from an expert is always a positive. Orson Scott Card is well known in sci-fi communities and his website, Hatrack River, has a place for writers to come, look for advise, and give some of their own. The... Read more

Angst Prompt – Dead Friend

This prompt is a little different than my other ones in that while it did come out of my head, it is in regard to a story I’m planning to write and not one I have written or just a... Read more

Writing Prompt – Secret Titles

Imagine having the ability to see secret titles over everyone’s head. What would they say? Who would you be? The son/daughter? The sister/brother? The parent? The child? The employee? Maybe the unpublished author? Maybe the published author? The one hit... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Aggressively Ignore

I’m sure there are pieces of our lives that all of us would like to ignore. Of course most of us know that won’t work. Imagine, if you will, that you were to actively try to ignore something that was... Read more

Writing Prompt – No Pain

I don’t think there is anyway to describe this prompt other than terrifying. At least if you met someone in real life who did what the girl in this prompt did and then said what this girl said. You probably... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Gold Star

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have a rather interesting conversation. There are just two people talking and we don’t know what brought this up, but I get the idea that this is probably a very real thing... Read more

Writing Prompt – Villain’s Love

This a trope that you see fairly often. Someone gets held captive by someone else and falls in love with that someone else. Who each of those are varies, but the trope itself is fairly common. For this particular prompt,... Read more

Writing Prompt – Snow Queen and the Gangster’s Daughter

They were two women brought up in two very different. A chance encounter lead to the point of view character making a decision that would change the way her life would go at a very difficult down the road. I... Read more