Dialogue Prompt – Eyebrows

In this dialogue prompt by The Fake Redhead is quite interesting. I have found that I really like the creativity that The Fake Redhead has with these prompts and I’m really glad to share another one with you. This particular one doesn’t say a lot, but what it does say speaks volumes.

Clearly if someone answers the question of, “How are you feeling?” with a saying that their eyebrows don’t work, either they are a huge joker or they are in massive amounts of pain. There just aren’t a lot of other options here. It’s either pain or super duper kidding.

I am very curious what brought up this conversation. Based off the response I’m leaning toward the problem the second character presumably has is something that is visible or the first character saw something happened that caused them to ask this question.

It’s hard to say what that might be as there are so many options, but that’s part of what makes the prompt fun. It could be all sorts of things.

The second character could be showing signs of a stomach ache and being a bit factitious when saying that their eyebrows don’t hurt when obviously that’s not relevant. They could have been beaten up or cut up in a fight and have bruises all over the place. It could be emotional pain they are feeling and trying to deflect the pain by making a joke. Or they could even look horrible, but actually be fun and be rolling their eyes when they are responding.

Lots of options here. Do any of them appeal to you? What would you choose to be going on here? Is the second character actually in pain and if so, how much and are their eyebrows really the only place where they aren’t hurt or are they just letting the first person know that their eyebrows don’t hurt even though it’s not really all that relevant to the topic at hand?

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