Writing Prompt – Uncommon Flower

All I can really say about this year is that it’s been something else. Some would say that it’s the worst year ever or the worst year of their lives and for some that is certainly true. I’ll just say it’s been different and as the year comes to a close let us hope that the new year harolds better things for everyone whether this was a bad year for them or even a good one.

I thought it appropriate to end the year on this prompt since it deals with beginnings and the future. It also deals with uncertainty as what the flower in the prompt means is open ended. Like the chocolate cosmos in the picture above, the flower that harolded the birth of the character in the prompt is an uncommon one. They may know what they means or they may not.

Imagine if they didn’t know what the flower meant because it was so rare? Or if the uncommon flower meant something unusual that people weren’t going to like and it was right there for everyone to see in front of the child’s home. It could mean that the people would try to get rid of the child or ostracize them. They could be in for a lot of trouble just because some flowers popped up in front of their home. And what if that was what caused the problems their flowers predicted in the first place?

If you were to use this prompt, how would you handle it? Would you use the language of the flowers to determine what each flower meant? And would you make it so that the flower meanings were real or just superstition when they show up at a child’s home?

Have a wonderful 2021 and I hope you enjoyed this year of writing prompts.

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