Writing Prompt – Born a Slave

Over the centuries and millennia a huge number of people have been slaves. Sometimes they were slaves of people who looked like them, some of these even being people they were related to or otherwise had a seemingly positive relationship... Read more

Character Bank – Lipless Mouths

This character bank is about a group of fantasy or sci-fi creatures who sound more like something out of a horror movie to me than either of the above. They are small in stature, similar to small children. It is... Read more

Character Bank – Magical Interference

This prompt is based off a character I created for one of my fanfics. This character is a young man with no magical ability whatsoever, but he is aware of the existence of magic. Although in the grand scheme of... Read more

Location Vault – Below the Water’s Surface

I was browsing pictures over on my favorite image site and I came across the image. It was interesting to say the least and it definitely captured my imagination, so much so that I immediately made this prompt. The first... Read more

Character Bank – Reincarnation Culture

This group of characters is clearly stated to be human. There is a lot to unpack with them. To start with, they are all psychic, naturally so. This could be a genetic thing or it could be that people who... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Ain’t Happening Sweetheart

This sounds a little like a hostage situation in this dialogue prompt. I’m not sure what’s going on or how old the people in the prompt are, but I kind of hear the first speaker in the voice of a... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Staggering Amount of Parmesan

In this dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead the speaker says that there is no such thing as too much Parmesan and I am inclined to agree. That stuff is absolutely delicious and you can never have too much. Obviously... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Two Score and Nine

This prompt is meant as a fun little prompt just because. As humans we tend to make mistakes. Some are big while others are small, but not everything that looks like a mistake is one. The prompt is fairly short... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Real Reason

There is something a find quite amusing about the idea that this person really doesn’t have a twin brother and for some reason they are pretending they do. The Fake Redhead leaves you questioning, what is real here right along... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – You’re the Chaperone

There is little more dangerous than leaving someone in charge who causes the problems rather than prevents them. The biggest problem being, if they are supposed to be the most responsible one in the group and they are causing the... Read more