Character Bank – Reincarnation Culture

This group of characters is clearly stated to be human.

There is a lot to unpack with them. To start with, they are all psychic, naturally so. This could be a genetic thing or it could be that people who are naturally psychic join them upon finding out about their natural abilities. I am inclined to think it is the prior, but let’s explore these options.

First is the possibility that this is a genetic trait, much like red hair and blue eyes. They are born with this ability and if this is a genetic thing, children are likely raised to use this ability from birth.

Since reincarnation is normal with them, it likely means that they can remember their past lives and you might end up with a situation where your childhood friend who died young might be reborn as your neighbors child or even your own child leading to some weird dynamics as a fifty-something might be best friends with a ten-year-old and no one thinks anything of it because they have been friends for centuries and this is just normal.

On the other hand if this isn’t genetic, we will likely find people who will as young children want to leave their homes and join these people if they are all in one place or if not, find a community of them in their own home towns. I am assuming that they remember their past lives though even if they do, they might not remember them at birth or even earlier. That would be a lot for a newborn to take in. There has to be a point where they do remember assuming that is part of that. Considering they also have the ability to astrally project, they might also seek out people they knew in their past lives by trying to astrally project to them.

There is also the element of how well known these people are. If society at large knows about them it is different than if just the government knows about them or if they keep their powers a secret from anyone other than them. And they could keep their powers a secret from the world at large and probably from the government, too. If they reincarnate and remember their past lives, they could over the centuries have developed a system to find each other. Their might be outlyers, but it’s likely that there are not new ones of them unless it is genetic and when there are none of them waiting to reincarnate when someone is born in their community a new reincarnater is born.

I see a lot of potential in this idea and I think it would be very interesting to read a story with this characters. Can you see this fitting into your story world?

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