Character Bank – Traveling Punishers

Although this race of characters is listed as fantasy or sci-fi, I am inclined to lean more toward sci-fi for them. They are very much dependent on computers and while those can show up in fantasy, especially modern fantasy, that... Read more

Angst Prompt – Fictional Pain

Today is a day that gives me mixed feelings. According to what I was told, when my dad was a teen this was the day of his dad’s funeral and when I was a kid it was also the day... Read more

Writing Prompt – After Magic Returns

This prompt is based off an idea I had in a fanfic where in order to explain the changing of the guard, so to speak, I had magic in the magical world disappear for certain characters and when it came... Read more

Writing Prompt – Infertility Issues

This prompt takes the building blocks of a story I saw posted on social media, so I tried to keep in with as little identifying information as possible. I do not know this person and cannot begin to imagine the... Read more

Character Bank – Giraffe Markings

This race of characters is interesting. I am tall, so I call giraffes my signature animal or something like that. It always makes me smile when I get to see them and they are interesting animals. Now this race does... Read more