Character Bank – Giraffe Markings

This race of characters is interesting. I am tall, so I call giraffes my signature animal or something like that. It always makes me smile when I get to see them and they are interesting animals.

Now this race does not consist of giraffe people. They might look more like giraffes than is stated, but all that is stated is that they have giraffe type markings. This tells me that they have markings all over their body and that there is a high contrast between their main skin tone and these markings.

The simple clothing they were could be a way to show off these markings. Maybe they are very proud of these markings and find people without them to be unattractive. As they live in a tropical environment, they don’t need a lot of layers and they don’t need clothes to cover as much of their bodies, only enough to be considered modest, whatever that might be in their society.

They are listed as aggressive and warlike and I expect that to show in them having a great number of factions. Most likely they are spread out and these various factions do not like to interact. They may have grown their territory a lot by conquering those of other races who life nearby and claiming the territory for themselves. It doesn’t say how they interact with other races in general, so it’s possible that as long as they are not being challenged as an authority they may be fine with having them in their territory.

Despite their aggressive behavior, they have a high regard for royalty, so I can absolutely see them having a monarchy, or many monarchies, since I definitely believe they form more than one country. They may stay in the tropical areas or they may have progressed out of there to some degree. I don’t think they are going to have a lot of non tropical nations, but I can see some non tropical nations have large communities of them and I suspect they would not have gone to countries with governments other than monarchies because they way leaders are chosen in those nations might not sit well with the majority of them. They want a queen or a king who passes on their rule to their chosen heir not someone the people chose. I can maybe see them respecting a ruler who clawed their way to the top given their aggressiveness, but at the same time I can see that being a problem for them, because they probably see a monarchy as a stabilizing factor in their generally rough and tumble lives.

What do you think? Would they respect a leader who clawed their way to the top?

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