Character Bank – Centaur Likes Shiny Things

There is something quite fun about this character. It doesn’t say much about her and it doesn’t need to. She is eccentric, so she’s probably not part of the in crowd. Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of friends or maybe she mostly has friends who share similar interests to her.

She is a centaur, which is, quite important to note since that does a lot to describe what she looks like. No colors are mentioned regarding her, but it’s likely that her horse parts and her human parts probably are normal colors for horses and humans. They may or may not make sense together. It is, of course, possible that she dyes parts of her hair. She could have a pink tail and purple hair for all we know.

The only other thing we know about her is that she likes shiny things. This could mean all sorts of things, coins, jewels, gems, scrap metal, mirrors. It would probably be fun to have her show you her collection and tell you all about where she got it and why it caught her attention.

Do you think she would be a fun character to use in your story? How do you see her interacting with your other characters?

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