Character Bank – Translucent Wings

Yes, she is a My Little Pony, a flutter pony to be exact.

No, I am not kidding. She is not one of the ponies I had in my childhood and instead is a newer addition to my collection. Her name is Yum Yum and she is adorable.

Yes, I made the prompt with the idea of seeing what kind of human, or at least non-equine character you can make of her with her very colorful genetics. My first thought on that is elves. Maybe it’s a bit out there, but I have seen dark elves at least done with purple skin which fits her. Now they didn’t have neon green hair, but maybe they could. And they definitely didn’t have wings. I considered leaving off that little detail, but she’s a flutter pony. They have to have wings, even when my actual pony doesn’t.

Of course maybe they aren’t actually elves, but someone who has a similar ethereal feel to them. Maybe an angelic sort of being. Or maybe they are similar to fairies.

I think it would be fun to play with them and I don’t just mean in the literal sense. When it comes to making fantasy races, we have a lot of inspiration around us. Yum Yum and her fellow ponies with their assortment of colors are one I could draw from and I probably did considering one of my characters from childhood is suspiciously colored like one of my ponies.

Obviously I am not suggesting you make talking multicolored horses who can fly and call it good. Take inspiration from them. In this case, I am mostly just looking at her colors. I could have just as easily taken inspiration from the colors of the shoulder length pink hair, deep blue eyes, and pale blue skin of Cuddles or maybe the red, pink, blue, and green shoulder length hair, orange eyes, and bright yellow skin of Tic Tac Toe. Do you have something, toys, figurines, tools, or anything else that you could use as inspiration for some sort of fantasy or alien race?

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