Writing Prompt – Infertility Issues

This prompt takes the building blocks of a story I saw posted on social media, so I tried to keep in with as little identifying information as possible. I do not know this person and cannot begin to imagine the difficulty of the situation they are in and I hope that things work out for them in a way that is best for all involved whatever that may be.

I found this concept to be interesting, though it is obviously very difficult for anyone who goes through it. It is the kind of story where heartache can turn into a wonderful thing for everyone involved, though that will not always be the case. There are a great many children out there who are, for whatever reason, without parents and there are, likewise, a great many adults out there who want to be parents who, for whatever reason do not or cannot have children.

In the case of this prompt the point-of-view character is in a relationship where one or both of them is unable to have biological children. This could mean that one or both of them are completely unable to have children or it could mean that they as a couple are unable to have children together. This couple is most likely wed since they plan to adopt together and generally you cannot adopt as a couple unless you are wed.

In the scenario this is based off the couple told the parents of one of them and the sister of one of them was not happy to hear they were adopting because she was having trouble getting pregnant and felt like their issues overshadowed hers. The odd thing about that, beyond her being upset at her sibling’s plans for having a child, was that she hadn’t even told the family she was having trouble conceiving. She claimed that given that this couple knew they couldn’t have biological children before they married, they chose their situation and they shouldn’t be upset that they can’t have biological children.

This is so bizarre to me. Maybe the sister was hurting, but that doesn’t justify taking it out on her sibling and sibling-in-law. And just because someone has always known something to be true doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to have it acknowledged as never going to happened or have the final chance of it removed.

It makes me think of something that happened a few years after my dad died. I was with my mom and a song came on the radio. The song was about a father and daughter dancing together and near the end of the song they dance at her wedding. I’m not married, never have been and there was no way I was ever getting a father-daughter dance at my wedding even if I did get married while my dad was still alive. I don’t know if I ever saw my dad dance. Despite all that, it was something that I wanted, still want even though it’s clearly impossible. Obviously this is not the same as the situation this couple was in, but it’s still something that hurts to know it will never happen even though I always, or at least since I was a teen, know wasn’t going to happen. What is something you want, something you know you can never have that you want anyway and that knowledge hurts?

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