Writing Prompt – After Magic Returns

This prompt is based off an idea I had in a fanfic where in order to explain the changing of the guard, so to speak, I had magic in the magical world disappear for certain characters and when it came back a lot had changed. One of those things that had changed was the amount of power the main characters of the original series had for their main power. This was specifically based off something that happened in the original and it made logical sense that it might happen in my version, though perhaps not the way I made it happen.

In the original one of the characters has the ability to make things stop moving. This is usually relegated to a small area and generally doesn’t affect things very far from her, but in one story she goes to the future and their her powers stop everything in sight. Fans of the series will likely remember this particular story since it is one of the more generally memorable seeing as it deviates from the normal. This is one of the favorite stories of one of my friends and while there are other episodes I like more, probably, I do like this episode a lot myself.

When I wrote my fanfic series I needed a reason why they handed over the reigns without killing them off, something I could have done, but didn’t want to. Upon remembering this element of this particular story, I decided I had to play with it. My story took place further in the future than that story did and I had basically prevented them from using their powers for a great deal of time while in the original they had presumably been using them the whole time and thus actually growing them and making them get bigger. It’s a fun concept to play with, especially when taking into account the different powers of the sisters.

Now in this prompt there is more going on than just the extreme power boost. There is also a bit about someone spying on her. That is something out of my story as well, where there is a new baddie and after his best friend tangled with them and lost he’s trying to be cautious by hiring others to do things for him. One of the things he does is send professional spies, if you will, to see what they can learn. They may be professional, but they got caught. Obviously you don’t have to use that part or any other part if it doesn’t work for you, but but I wanted to paint the picture of things changing suddenly and her being pulled back into something she thought she was done with after so many years. Everything is the same in so many ways and yet everything is also massively different. There was still enemies after her. She still has her powers and she still has people wants to protect with those powers, but now the people she wants to protect are trying to protect her, too, and they are trying to keep everything a secret from her. And her powers, well they are a mess, still there, but difficult to control and she feels like she has to start over. Obviously, it’s my story, but I kind of loved getting certain characters in trouble with her because they tried to keep everything a secret. What would you do if you took characters from a series you like and threw them decades in the future with the same general premise of the original story? How would you keep things the same and how would you change them?

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