Location Vault – Below the Water’s Surface

I was browsing pictures over on my favorite image site and I came across the image. It was interesting to say the least and it definitely captured my imagination, so much so that I immediately made this prompt.

The first thing the image made me think of was the story of the Lost City of Atlantis. From there I jumped to dam built over a city. The picture is a really nice bit of photo-manipulation. If you look closely you can see some trees in the background which did break the immersion for me at first. After all, those are pretty hardy if they really are under water. After a while I decided why not living trees under water. It’s a fantasy after all.

The building in the picture is just one that I decided was in the underwater location, but how did they get there? Beyond the idea that they sank or that they were flooded, there is also the possibility that they were built like that. The structures are made by humans, but nothing says they had to have been built above water and even if they were, nothing says they have to have been intended to stay above water.

While most mad made structures under water are not their deliberately, there are exceptions and it’s possible that this was created for the creatures of the sea to make their home, a giant aquarium of sorts. If the structures were meant for under water use, buildings with lots of columns that the animals could swim in and out of would be a good place to start.

What kind of place to you think this underwater collection of buildings is? Is it accidental or deliberate and whichever it is why does it exist where it does and how did it get there?

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