Character Bank – Cybernetic Limbed Local

Unlike some of the other characters that tend to be more fantasy or modern day characters with maybe a splash of historical characters in for fun, this one tends to fit more into a science fiction setting, though she certainly... Read more

Writing Prompt – Half Alien

There are all sorts of imaginations as to what an alien would be if aliens did in fact exist. There is much debate on the topic with some people believing whole heartedly that aliens do exist, some people believing completely... Read more

Writing Prompt – Day Before the End

Can you imagine the horror of seeing every news channel and every person around you touting the imminent doom of not only you but of all life on the entire planet? People have been talking about it for weeks, months,... Read more

Character Bank – Lipless Mouths

This character bank is about a group of fantasy or sci-fi creatures who sound more like something out of a horror movie to me than either of the above. They are small in stature, similar to small children. It is... Read more

Character Bank – Magical Interference

This prompt is based off a character I created for one of my fanfics. This character is a young man with no magical ability whatsoever, but he is aware of the existence of magic. Although in the grand scheme of... Read more

Location Vault – Below the Water’s Surface

I was browsing pictures over on my favorite image site and I came across the image. It was interesting to say the least and it definitely captured my imagination, so much so that I immediately made this prompt. The first... Read more

Writing Prompt – Foolish

God is real. I know this. God is not real. You know this. We cannot both be right if that is the case. Whether in our real world or a fictional one of science fiction or fantasy there will be... Read more

Writing Prompt – Society that Values Emotional Skills

Skills should be valued, but it’s not realistic to pretend that most people have certain skills they value over others. In most, maybe all, societies and communities I have heard about the most valued skills were either physical or mental.... Read more

Writing Prompts – Other Dimension Life

Can you imagine someone, anyone, leaving your side for a quarter of a minute and when that person returned they tell you a massive amount of time has passed. Even if this was someone you trusted more than anyone else,... Read more

Writing Prompt – Human Lifespan

It cannot be confirmed, but the oldest believed person in modern times is believed to have been 134 or 135 at her death while 122 is the person whose age was verified. No clue how accurate that information is since... Read more