Writing Prompt – Day Before the End

Can you imagine the horror of seeing every news channel and every person around you touting the imminent doom of not only you but of all life on the entire planet? People have been talking about it for weeks, months, maybe even years and everyone knows that it’s almost here.

Death, destruction, and ultimate doom is coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. You know there isn’t, because they have been trying to find a way ever since this started and now time is up.

You have said all your good-byes except to those closest to you. With them you plan to wait out the end together so that in the end they are the last thing you think of, the last people you see.

That’s how it’s supposed to be at least.

Except that’s not what happens.

You are together with them, whomever the most important people in the whole world are and they stop moving. Words appear on your arm begging you to save everyone. You have no idea how that’s supposed to even work.

Based off the prompt, the main character is not someone with any type of special knowledge or ability. They are just them. The prompt doesn’t actually say they are the only ones unfrozen, but it also doesn’t say they aren’t. And it most certainly doesn’t say how this all happened, who actually placed the plea on their arm and how or give any sort of idea how they are supposed to do this.

Do you think that they will find a way to save Earth? Or is this something that is going to go on forever? I think forever is a long time and if you actually have all the time in the world, eventually you are going to find a way, so how long is this going to go on and how, in the end, will they save Earth?

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