Writing Prompts – Other Dimension Life

Can you imagine someone, anyone, leaving your side for a quarter of a minute and when that person returned they tell you a massive amount of time has passed. Even if this was someone you trusted more than anyone else, that would probably be a difficult thing to swallow. This prompt could play out very differently depending on a few factors.

I guess the first would be, does this person look any different? Unless your spouse is a quick change artist, fifteen seconds usually isn’t enough time to completely change your appearance. Beyond the probability of different clothes, if years have passed there is the probability that your spouse is going to look older and other things might be different as well, a different hairstyle, scars that weren’t there before. How your spouse looks could have a massive effect on how you respond to this claim.

The second thing is what is your relationship like. Your spouse just spent years preparing a place for you to live or at least that is the claim. If your relationship is shaky or divorce is emanate, you might find you have a concern for your life. Maybe your spouse wants to take you somewhere no one will realize you are gone or just cover up the fact that you are by letting people know the two of you are “moving.” Or perhaps your spouse isn’t the problem. It’s just you want out and going with your spouse when you are about to be done with the relationship is just not in your agenda.

Even if you 100% believe your spouse and you have a great relationship you want to continue for the rest of your life, it might not matter. Who do you have waiting for your on this side? Marriage is supposed to be where you leave your parents behind and become one with your spouse, but if your parents, any siblings you might have, or even children you and your spouse might have exist, that might make things more difficult. Can you leave them behind if it means never seeing them, again? Do you even need to? It’s possible your could bring everyone in your life with you, but those people will probably have people and so it goes. Or maybe your parents are long gone, neither of your have siblings, if you have children they are very young, and there aren’t any friends that you see on any regular basis. Maybe the people you see the most often are your co-workers and your relationship with them consists of pleasantries.

If all of that checks out, is that enough to follow after your spouse? Does that mean you are ready to leave earth as you know it? Do you even live on earth in the first place? Maybe this is is a common occurrence. Maybe you live on a world where everyone seeks out their alternate dimension and spends a few decades there, building a life, enjoying each other, before coming back and rejoining society. What is the situation here?

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