Character Bank – Magical Interference

This prompt is based off a character I created for one of my fanfics. This character is a young man with no magical ability whatsoever, but he is aware of the existence of magic.

Although in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t important, this character is different from most of the characters I have in that fanfic in that he was not created for that fanfic. I do not use characters over multiple fanfic series in general. Even though I mostly stick to fanfics in the same fandom, each fanfic series is uniquely peopled.

As an example my favorite character from the show is in multiple of my series in that fandom. In the main one I gave him two siblings, a brother and a sister, both married with two children, though his brother has a son and a daughter and his sister has twin daughters. In another I still gave him a sibling, but it’s only one sibling, a brother, and his brother is not the same character as in the previously mentioned series.

These two fanfic series are different than most in that they tend to have the same cast due to their connection, but even then most of them came from the original fandom or they are from the main series, but this character, Miles, is originally from the secondary series. He is an inventor who finds ways to do things that for whatever reason cannot otherwise be done.

In this particular case he created a phone that could get past cell phone jammers. Those probably do exist in some form or another since cell phone jammers are a thing and there are definitely reasons people would want to get around them. As I only phone cell phone jammers when I looked, I am not sure what form those might come in, but for Miles it was a cell phone which both he and his sister had. It could scroll through frequencies until it found something that worked or found something it could change in order to unjam the signal. Probably. Miles was the inventor. Not me. I just decided he had one and it made sense that it was possible to make one, so I went with that.

In the actual story where you first see this invention, it is his sister who has it on hand. She has come to visit her godfather, who is the manager of the store where one of the main characters works. He knows who she is, but she does not know who he is, which makes things a little awekard, mostly on his end where he makes a few mistakes by revealing he knows more than he should.

Of course this is about Miles or characters like him. It is clear from the prompt that he believes magic exists or at least someone does since he could have made it for someone else. It is implied that magic does exist, since he appears to have successfully gotten around magical interference and also it says that the world is unaware of magic, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It doesn’t even have to be the case that he successfully got around magical interference with it, since he could have failed the attempt and not have a way to test that. It likewise doesn’t have to be case that case that magic exists since it could be unaware of magic since it doesn’t exist, but if that is the case, why did he make it?

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