Writing Prompt – Human Lifespan

It cannot be confirmed, but the oldest believed person in modern times is believed to have been 134 or 135 at her death while 122 is the person whose age was verified. No clue how accurate that information is since I only did a quick search on it, but either way those ages sound like a lot.

In this prompt we appear to have someone or a group of someones who are somehow controlling the ages of humans and all sorts of other creatures. Since it isn’t clear when it says species if it is talking about animals or alien races, this could mean vastly different things, but I think it’s safe to say whatever it means, this falls solidly into the genre of science fiction.

If I were to come across a set of controls like this, I don’t know what I’d do. Touch the controls is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. My curiosity would be a lot. I would definitely be worried about who I might find there and pictures would be taken if I had a way to take pictures.

This character did decide to tamper with it. It is implied that the character specifically chose to tamper with the dial for humans, but it is not implicitly stated, so it could mean everything on there. Maybe cats and dogs and other pets are about to get a lot longer lives. Imagine if rabbits could live over one hundred years. Now, imagine ants could.

Those are not the same reactions you just had there. Now, you might think both are too long, but you definitely had a different reaction to longer lives for rabbits over ants. If I were to write a story about this, I would leave the human dial alone, probably, but I would have the character change the dial for various animals. What dial or dials would you have the character change?

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