Character Bank – Lipless Mouths

This character bank is about a group of fantasy or sci-fi creatures who sound more like something out of a horror movie to me than either of the above. They are small in stature, similar to small children. It is unclear if they are actually humanoid or not, but based off the description I think they probably are.

The large, oily eyes makes me think of a creature who spends most of their time under water and that the oily looking substance could be a protective feature to keep their eyes from being harmed when looking at things under water, potentially like a second set of eyelids.

I’m not sure what to make of the lipless mouths. I’m sure their are creatures without lips, but none come to mind. I guess this would mean that their mouths are like an abrupt whole in their mouth with nothing to indicate where it should start only it does start. It makes me think of a gaping wound although presumably without the blood that such a wound would most likely have.

There isn’t really anything else to the description other than the fact that the eyes and mouth are the only facial features they have. That might be no ears, although I’m not sure if the ears are actually considered to be part of your face or just part of your head in general. Definitely this means no nose, so does that mean they have no sense of smell? How do they breath? Is it through their mouth or do they perhaps have gills like fish? If they are without ears, do they hear? Maybe they communicate telepathically and don’t have any need for ears although a lack of hearing might make it difficult to communicate with those who do not have the same communication abilities.

When you look at the description of this race, what do you see? Do you see strange small children or horror creatures? Or do you perhaps read or watch the kind of stories that have strange small children who are horror creatures?

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