Dialogue Prompt – Staggering Amount of Parmesan

In this dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead the speaker says that there is no such thing as too much Parmesan and I am inclined to agree. That stuff is absolutely delicious and you can never have too much.

Obviously not everyone agrees with me on that point, but I think the second speaker probably would. The first speaker, not so much.

There really isn’t a lot you can say about this. It is an amusing interchange that tells you something about their food preferences. We know nothing else about them and don’t even know what the Parmesan is being used on.

I tend to use it on spaghetti myself and sometimes on broccoli, though I am of the firm opinion that as long as it’s not spoiled, there is no bad way to each broccoli.

One thing I think I can infer from this is that they are not siblings or if they are, they did not grow up around each other, because otherwise it seems likely they would know each others food preferences.

What about you? Do you like Parmesan cheese?

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