Dialogue Prompt – Ain’t Happening Sweetheart

This sounds a little like a hostage situation in this dialogue prompt. I’m not sure what’s going on or how old the people in the prompt are, but I kind of hear the first speaker in the voice of a small child. With that in mind, it sounds like an abduction whether the first speaker is a child or an adult.

There are other possibilities. It could be that the first person no longer has a home and that the second person is just a jerk.

I do think it’s safe to assume that travel to the moon is not an every day occurrence, potentially not an occurrence at all in the timeline of this prompt. Had it been one, I think the speaker would have said something else. Or else they would have just gone to the moon for a visit.

What do you think? Are these two adults have a rather childish conversation? Is this an adult and a child having a very serious conversation? Is one person really being held against their will or is there no place to go, so they can leave, but they have no real reason to?

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