Dialogue Prompt – You’re the Chaperone

There is little more dangerous than leaving someone in charge who causes the problems rather than prevents them. The biggest problem being, if they are supposed to be the most responsible one in the group and they are causing the problems then the people with them are unlikely to be the ones able to solve the problem.

It does not appear that this situation is any better as the second speaker doesn’t indicate that they are also a chaperone or that they have some idea to fix whatever the problem is. All they do is point out that the first speaker is in fact the chaperone.

And after that things do sound dire.

We have no idea why a chaperone is needed, but in most cases, this revolves around group activities usually done with schools, churches, or clubs. The non adults in the group could be anywhere from early elementary to high school age. Given the language used by the second speaker, it seems most likely that high schoolers or at least middle schoolers are the age group involved here.

Do you think the chaperone is being too dramatic? If the chaperone can’t do anything, do you think the kids can?

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