Dialogue Prompt – Real Reason

There is something a find quite amusing about the idea that this person really doesn’t have a twin brother and for some reason they are pretending they do. The Fake Redhead leaves you questioning, what is real here right along with the speaker.

Does the second speaker have a twin or is there some other reason there are two of him in this scene? Or even does he have a twin, but this isn’t his twin? There are many options here the reality is left up the author.

What we do know here is that there are at least three people, two of them are speaking in this and the third one is not. The first person tells us that the other two look alike. We don’t know if they are actually identical or just very similar in appearance.

In fact we don’t even know if the second speaker is male, though it is implied. The second speaker could be a female who looks enough like the male who has joined them that they look like twins or at least siblings.

When I was a child I read a book by the wonderful children’s author Carolyn Haywood. I read a great many books by her as a child and this book, The Mixed-Up Twins, was just one of them. One piece of it stood with me more than any other story she wrote though and that was after the twins had a haircut. I forget why they had a haircut, but Ronald and Donald were hanging out with Vickie, their neighbor who befriended them when they moved into the neighborhood and someone asked if they were twins. Of course the twins reply that they are, but the speaker reveals he or she wasn’t talking to them, but to Vickie and one of the boys, I forget which. When their hair grew back after the haircut it didn’t grow back the same and one of them had hair that looked just like Vickie’s.

In reality, I don’t know how plausible it is that someone would mistake a playmate for the twin of someone when the actual twin of that person was there, especially when they are same gendered twins like Ronald and Donald who actually look alike and the playmate is not of the same gender of them, but the scene still stuck with me and seems worth mentioning in connection to this prompt.

Going back to the actual prompt the first speaker never says that the second speaker has no twin brother, although that might be implied by what he does say, only that this being his twin brother makes no sense. Maybe he just saw the twin somewhere else. Or maybe there is a twin, but it’s a twin sister.

What do you think is going on here? Are there twins here? Or could this be a case of clones or someone who is really good at costumes including face masks? Lots of options are there. Which one do you like best?

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