Writing Prompt – Uncommon Flower

All I can really say about this year is that it’s been something else. Some would say that it’s the worst year ever or the worst year of their lives and for some that is certainly true. I’ll just say... Read more

Character Bank – No Prophecy

I am dedicating this prompt to my youngest sibling. There are no prophecies in my family, but the youngest sibling often feels like there is no place for them and while I don’t think she thinks that way, I think... Read more

Writing Prompt – Weather and Fate

Nature is something that we seek to control and generally cannot. Weather is one such aspect of nature. What if you grew up in a culture that believed that weather was more than just nature interacting with itself. In the... Read more

Writing Prompt – Doll Prophecy

It’s time for another of my original prompts. This was was fun to make and pretty much ridiculous. I didn’t really have a big goal in mind and just wanted to have fun. With this prompt, I think I accomplished... Read more