Character Bank – No Prophecy

I am dedicating this prompt to my youngest sibling. There are no prophecies in my family, but the youngest sibling often feels like there is no place for them and while I don’t think she thinks that way, I think she deserves to know how much she is loved, as are all of my siblings.

The inspiration for this prompt is actually a character from a TV show. Although he is male on the show, you are welcome to use the prompt for a female character if you wish. The main point of the prompt is to show of his family situation as being one where he has every right to feel inferior.

And this character absolutely had an inferiority complex.

That isn’t to say that your character has to have an inferiority complex. It may be something that they have to overcome. It may be something that is just there. Or it may be something that because of how they were treated growing up, your character just doesn’t care, because no one else in the family makes it a big deal that one child has a prophecy and at least one parent does as well, but this one does not.

As for the last part, you can take that literally and have your character deal with something that actually controls the fate of the world, of it could be something were this character is just trying to be the very best person he can be, prophecy or no prophecy. What do you think waits for this character as he traverses through life?

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