Reddit for Writers

Reddit is a site where a lot of topics can and are discussed. It’s no surprise that they have their own communities for writers. There are at least two of them under the tags writing and write. The site provides... Read more

Writing Prompt – Humans Are Real

In this new prompt, I played with an idea that has popped into my head several times while watching anime mostly. There are some stories where non humans are rare to see or a human pulled to another world sees... Read more

Character Bank – Thief to Empress

Another interesting looking prompt from the mind of Kayleigh Gallagher’s Purple Dragon Prompts. This one is focused on a single character and the journey she has taken through her life. And what a journey that is. From the prompt one... Read more

Character Bank – Mechanic Who Sews

This character bank is for a character who keeps a part of himself hidden. Why he does this and if it’s for himself that he does it or for someone else is not explained. All we know is that he... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Apologize to the Tree

We have a give and take relationship with plants. They give us oxygen to breath and we return carbon dioxide to them. Just as we must not let the plants die out or we will run out of air, neither... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Dragons Good, Spiders Bad

Imagine being scared of something small when you take on something big on a regular basis. It really isn’t the same thing and anyone who thinks so just doesn’t get it. Big things may be harder to deal with, but... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Twin Makes No Sense

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, something is not right. Depending on which character you believe, what isn’t right could be very different. The relationship between the two characters is a little unclear, but it seems likely that they... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Die Again

How do you see yourself dying? What a question to ask. And yet, we hear it from time to time in a variety of situations. And the answers can be quite varied anything from wanting to die quietly in bed... Read more

National Novel Writing Month

The National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo as it is more commonly known, is best known as a challenge in the month of November to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That is a very limited view of what it... Read more

Writing Prompt – Doll Prophecy

It’s time for another of my original prompts. This was was fun to make and pretty much ridiculous. I didn’t really have a big goal in mind and just wanted to have fun. With this prompt, I think I accomplished... Read more