Dialogue Prompt – Dragons Good, Spiders Bad

Imagine being scared of something small when you take on something big on a regular basis.

It really isn’t the same thing and anyone who thinks so just doesn’t get it. Big things may be harder to deal with, but you always know where they are when you are trying to deal with them while something small has so many places they can hide.

Personally I wouldn’t say I am afraid of spiders so much as cautious of them. I am aware that some of them have a great deal of poison and it is possible for a person to die from a spider bite if it is the right spider.

Dragons on the other hand . . . well, I won’t say I’m not afraid of them, because I’d have to meet one and that seems a bit tricky here and now. There are so many ancient stories of dragons for me to dismiss them as entirely fictional, though I doubt they look the way we see them in fiction if they did exist.

If they existed, then we are probably talking about a fire breathing animal that has been extinct for a long time. The most common animal people point to when they talk about fire breathing dragons is the tiny bombardier beetle which does not breath fire, but it does create a scalding liquid from its body that does not burn the beetle alive the first time it happens, so that’s something. Not quite fire and not really the point, but I think it would be cool if they were real and we could actually find out what they looked like.

Back on topic, since we don’t have any real proof besides tons of stories and an example of something that creates scalding liquid, this story almost definitely has to be fantasy. Dragons are pretty quintessential fantasy fodder.

There is only one speaker here, but they are clearly talking to someone. Of course that doesn’t actually mean they are talking to someone else. They could be trying to give themselves a pep talk. It could be exasperation toward someone they just saw take down a dragon, presumably by taming them, since it’s says they tame dragons for a living and not that they hunt them.

On that note, I am just imagining someone taming a dragon like you tame a horse. Do you think the two things would be at all similar?

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