Dialogue Prompt – Dragon in Backpack

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we go to the fun topic of “are dragons real?” Now you may not agree with me. You may not think it’s a fun topic. That’s okay if you don’t, but this prompt... Read more

Writing Prompt – Wedding Ring

Imagine being in your last year of high school. Maybe you haven’t even had your first job yet. Depending on your parents, you may or may not know much about taking care of a home. You probably can cook something,... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Dragons Good, Spiders Bad

Imagine being scared of something small when you take on something big on a regular basis. It really isn’t the same thing and anyone who thinks so just doesn’t get it. Big things may be harder to deal with, but... Read more

Character Bank – Dragonoid Shapeshifter

Here’s my second prompt of my own making. This one is completely made from my head. I’m sure it’s influenced by various things, but none that I specifically know of. If you can’t tell, I love dragons. They are fascinating... Read more