Character Bank – Dragonoid Shapeshifter

Here’s my second prompt of my own making. This one is completely made from my head. I’m sure it’s influenced by various things, but none that I specifically know of.

If you can’t tell, I love dragons. They are fascinating creatures and there are all sorts of versions of them in literature, so I decided to make this character bank prompt about them.

For this one in particular I chose to go with a shapeshifter who has a dragon father and a human mother. In this case, being only half dragon, she has a human lifespan. Now, dragons usually have longer lifespans in stories than humans, but it doesn’t have to be so. You could choose to have dragons have short lifespans and being half human gave her a longer lifespan than most humans. Or you could choose to just stick with the norm and say that being half human shortened her lifespan. It’s totally up to you.

Character Bank #002
She is a dragonoid shapeshifter with a human mother and a human lifespan. Her scales are purple with rose gold specs and her eyes are silver. She loved reading and dancing equally.

I didn’t give her much of a design, just her colors when in dragon form. I kind of see her eyes staying the same in both forms and maybe the scale color reflecting somewhere on her body or in her hair somehow. Depending on the world you are using her in, purple skin or purple hair with rose gold streaks might be perfectly ordinary for it. Dragons are known for hoarding shiny things and for being knowledgeable, but really, I just made her love reading, because I do and that seemed like a fun trait to give her. And dancing, well, I thought I’d give her a trait that might be more socially oriented.

So what do you think of my first original character I’m posting here? Would you like to use her or a version of her in your story and how would you use her?

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