Writing Prompt – Humans Are Real

In this new prompt, I played with an idea that has popped into my head several times while watching anime mostly. There are some stories where non humans are rare to see or a human pulled to another world sees a demi-human or beastman for the first time. What about the reverse?

I’m sure there are stories out there and maybe you can give me dozens of examples. If you can, feel free to post about them, because I would be interested in checking them out. Let me know all about your favorites.

I cannot currently think of any and the idea is an interesting one, so I thought I would present it to you as an idea to potentially write. What if we were the myth? I don’t recall it exactly, but I have seen that done, but from the eyes of the humans who found the people who didn’t believe in there. So what about the demi-human or beastman who has never seen humans before. They have been told over and over that they are real. What if the story was from their point of view?

These two terms seem to have similar meanings in some places and distinctly different ones in others. In order to be clear, what I am talking about I’m including some definitions based off what I’ve seen. You may use whatever definitions makes sense for you if you use the prompt.

A demi-human is a part human part animal such as: bunny-human, cat-human, fox-human, etc. They tend to have a more human appearance with animal features such as ears, tails, and fur.

A beastman is a part human part animal such as: minotaur, centaur, lizardman, etc. They tend to have a more beast-like appearance with human features or actions. They tend to wear clothes, speak in a language understood by other cultures around them, use high tech tools such as swords and printing presses, and read. They walk upright on two legs counter to what is normally expected of an animal of that type and usually are larger or smaller than their normal animal counterparts of a similar size to humans.

Again, these definitions are put together based off what I’ve seen in fiction based partially off a partial definition I found for one of them. I was unable to find a clear definition that wasn’t too specific to a certain fictional universe or too long to include. How would you define these two terms? Do you consider them the same or different? And how would you use these type of characters in a story?

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