Dialogue Prompt – Pants Bad

I absolutely love this prompt by The Fake Redhead. Every time I see it it makes me giggle. What is going on in this character’s head? There are some very logical reasons why this character might like pants, but even... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Legal to Drink

Different places have different laws about when you are legal to drink. In this specific example from The Fake Redhead, we don’t know where these people are or what the rules about about drinking in that place, but we do... Read more

Writing Prompt – Mom’s Favorite

There are a lot of things you can potentially accomplish in life. Some of these are far more of interest to the general public than others. I think, however, that just because the general public is more interest in them... Read more

Writing Prompt – Mystic Bow

It would be bad enough to learn that the person you loved didn’t love you, but imagine if you will being twenty-six-years-old on your wedding day and learning that the person you loved not only didn’t love you, but they... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – I Never Did

This dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey is a very sad one. Everyone wants to be loved and the first speaker is being clear that love was not on the agenda for their relationship. As with all prompts, this is up... Read more

Writing Prompt – Writer Coma

In this new prompt we get the idea of writing about a writer, except in this case, the writer is probably not the point of view character. After all, the point of view character usually has to be conscious. Now... Read more

Writer Communities

Everyone needs a place they call home. They need someone who they can count on and who can understand them and support them. Writing is considered a lonely profession by many and often times people closest to writers just don’t... Read more

Character Bank – Dragonoid Shapeshifter

Here’s my second prompt of my own making. This one is completely made from my head. I’m sure it’s influenced by various things, but none that I specifically know of. If you can’t tell, I love dragons. They are fascinating... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Wine and Pants

Alcoholic beverages have a way of releasing people from their inhibitions. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but more frequently it leads to problems, usually minor ones. Things such as what is in the prompt from The Fake Redhead... Read more

Writing Prompt – Immortal In Love

This prompt is a little dark since it involves the main character’s wife trying to kill them. At the same time there is some humor in the fact that the main character can’t die and is actively just letting her... Read more