Dialogue Prompt – Pants Bad

I absolutely love this prompt by The Fake Redhead. Every time I see it it makes me giggle. What is going on in this character’s head?

There are some very logical reasons why this character might like pants, but even if this is one of those situations, this sounds like such an extreme reaction. Not wanting to put on pants is one thing, especially, if for example, you prefer wearing skirts or something loose fitting like that or even shorts and your issue is that the pants are just too hot. This is something else though, far more extreme than most people would think such a statement would warrant.

We know very little about the second person in this conversation and I do wonder what they are thinking upon hearing why this is the worst day ever. Does it make complete sense to them either because disliking pants is normal or because it just fits this person? Or does it make them wonder what is wrong with this person that they would react like this?

A part of me also wonders what the first person is wearing while they are having this conversation. Unless this conversation is over the phone, the second person can definitely see what they are wearing. Are the pants still on?

Another thing is pants is generally pretty generic. As a kid I hated wearing jeans, preferring skirts and sweat pants, because I didn’t like the material and both of those are pretty soft. Let us pretend that jean skirts don’t exist. I certainly did as a kid. These days though I still love skirts, I actually prefer jeans. Jean skirts are still very much a no. And I really don’t like slacks. All of these fit into the category of pants.

Are they upset because of the feel of pants, preferring something looser or is it more a situation where they just really want to wear their underwear all day and just stay in the house? Maybe they love pretty sparkly things and just love to wear flowing skirts that whisper as they walk and wearing pants, most likely without a single sparkle on them, just hurts their aesthetic.

I’m not really sure what the situation might be but one thing is very clear, this person either has a very dramatic way of expressing things or pants are just that big of a deal to them. Which do you think it is?

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