Writing Prompt – Writer Coma

In this new prompt we get the idea of writing about a writer, except in this case, the writer is probably not the point of view character. After all, the point of view character usually has to be conscious. Now it is entirely possible that they are, but it’s just as possible that they aren’t.

I think for this one you have two potential situations. One is that the whole story takes place within the writer’s head and the writer is the main character. Most likely in this case, the writer is the point of view character. The story likely consists of the characters in their head trying to convince the writer that everything they are seeing isn’t real and that the characters need the writer to wake up so that the writer can write about them. In this case, most likely all of the characters are technically a part of the writer’s subconscious trying to get them to wake up.

Then, there’s the other option.

In this situation, the characters are real and living. They may be in the writer’s head or they may somehow be outside the writer’s head and trying to get in so that they can talk to the writer. In this situation, they most likely are character’s from stories or series that the writer hasn’t finished and in order to fully be real, they have to have their story finished. Most likely they can interact with each other. Possibly they can interact with other people besides the writer and the other characters.

I don’t think it’s a story I could do justice to, but I do think I would enjoy reading it. Maybe you are the one to take this idea and make it real. If you do, I would love to hear about what you did with it.

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