Writing Prompt – Mystic Bow

It would be bad enough to learn that the person you loved didn’t love you, but imagine if you will being twenty-six-years-old on your wedding day and learning that the person you loved not only didn’t love you, but they faked it to your wedding day and were going to kill you when you said, “I do.”

I have a lot of questions about this situation. To start with, why wait until you say, “I do.” That seems like an odd time to kill someone. Never having been married I don’t know the process very well, but I do know that you have to sign a marriage license at some point in this. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of the license and the vows or just the license, but if they were waiting until you were married, wouldn’t they need to have the license signed, too?

Then, there is the question of why marry you if they want you dead? Do you have money or power that goes to them if you are dead, but only if you are married?

How about the fact that most marriages are in front of a lot of witnesses and at the very least, two are needed plus the person marrying you. Was your death intended to look like an accident? Did they plan on killing everyone there after you were dead? Was everyone else aware of what was going to happen and no one stopped it?

There are a lot of things to think about here. What do you think is the most significant question this prompt brings up?

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