Dialogue Prompt – I Never Did

This dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey is a very sad one. Everyone wants to be loved and the first speaker is being clear that love was not on the agenda for their relationship.

As with all prompts, this is up to interpretation and there are multiple ways it can be explained. To start with we can take it at face value and assume that the second speaker was lead to believe that they at least had a good relationship and that just isn’t the case.

It is interesting to point out that the first speaker doesn’t say, “Do you remember when I said that I loved you?” and instead says, “Do you remember when I loved you?” There is a clear difference between these two statements. One would seem to indicate more of a betrayal than the other, because it’s clear that whatever their relationship, the second speaker does not believe that the first one ever loved them, because they don’t remember a time when that was true.

Another option that is a little less obvious is that the conversation itself is a lie. There was, at some point, love and now for whatever reason that love is gone or they have to hide it.

If that were to be the case, what would be the reasoning behind it? What would cause two people in love to deny that?

To be fair to the prompt, it never says anything about being in love, only love. It could be another type of relationship. Maybe they are siblings or cousins who never got along.

What kind of relationship do you think this two have? And do you think these words are true or that for whatever reason they are lying?

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