Dialogue Prompt – Tricky Little Bastard

Ruby Rumsey‘s dialogue prompt has the potential to be comedy or horror. It also could be someone who is just being snarky. Words paint beautiful pictures, but they still only go so far. The first time I was introduced to... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Besides Laugh

This dialogue prompt by Ruby Rumsey doesn’t have a whole lot there which allows you to let your imagination run wild. The scenario I see in my mind is a group of friends or siblings. Either works for what I... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Filthy Liar

In this dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey we look into the idea of love at first sight. There are two speakers in the prompt. One of them believes in love at first sight. The other may or may not believe... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – I Never Did

This dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey is a very sad one. Everyone wants to be loved and the first speaker is being clear that love was not on the agenda for their relationship. As with all prompts, this is up... Read more