Dialogue Prompt – Filthy Liar

In this dialogue prompt from Ruby Rumsey we look into the idea of love at first sight. There are two speakers in the prompt. One of them believes in love at first sight. The other may or may not believe in it, but definitely doesn’t think it applies here.

There are a lot of stories out there that show the idea that love at first sight is real. There are plenty of people that would argue that it is lust at first sight and not love. Which do you think it might be?

In this prompt, we don’t know what prompted this comment and we don’t know if the question is about the second speaker and someone else or if it’s talking about a couple they both know. Either situation leaves at least two possibilities behind. There could be love between the two people being spoken of and it just developed gradually or it could be that the two people spoken of aren’t even in love.

If we go with the idea that the first speaker was talking about the second speaker and someone else it is possible that the second person is embarrassed by this idea or that they have heard it a million times and are just tired of people believing a lie. It’s also possible that they don’t want to admit that it was love at first sight.

It is interesting to note that the first first person doesn’t say someone told them it was love at first sight, only asks. This may imply that this was mentioned earlier in the conversation or that the second speaker is just assuming.

What do you think the situation is? Is the second person in love and if so how did their relationship progress? And if it’s a different couple, what do you think their situation is?

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