Dialogue Prompt – Besides Laugh

This dialogue prompt by Ruby Rumsey doesn’t have a whole lot there which allows you to let your imagination run wild.

The scenario I see in my mind is a group of friends or siblings. Either works for what I am thinking. There go to some sort of public location and one of them slips, maybe on something silly like bubbles or gross like garbage and lands on their rear end;.

Now the people with them are left standing over them trying to decide what to do. Their friend or sibling isn’t really hurt, maybe a slight sting from impact that will soon go away, but nothing more than that.

All of them are giggling a little, trying not to make too much of a show of it, but they definitely cannot keep themselves from showing their amusement. One of them, probably trying to be the mature one in this says the first line. After all, they shouldn’t be so amused by their friend or siblings pain, minor though it may be.

One of the others in the group has no such restraint and says the second line. Definitely does not care about showing his or her amusement.

The one who fell is probably glaring up at them, maybe trying to get up or get help standing, but not amused by the reactions of the others.

I thought the prompt was cute and would bring a smile to your lips. I hope is did. And maybe you can use it. There are definitely two different responses here. The first one might be equally inclined to laugh, but they at least felt the need to ask, to be sure of the response. What do you think? What situation lead to this little exchange?

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