Writer Communities

Everyone needs a place they call home. They need someone who they can count on and who can understand them and support them. Writing is considered a lonely profession by many and often times people closest to writers just don’t understand why their friend or family member would want to take up that kind of hobby. Although there are certainly people who write as a hobby, even those who make it as their profession are often seen to just be dabbling in it or use it as a stop gap until something better come along.

This does a lot to undermine the confidence of a writer, especially one who does not see their writing as a hobby to do in their free time, but wishes to make this their long term profession. No matter how much they love you it can be hard to make family and friends understand. Sometimes they even think by discouraging the writer from writing and pushing them in another direction they are helping them. If the writer is serious about their writing, this can be hurtful.

Finding themselves to be the center of a group that doesn’t understand their passion for writer, just as with any other activity whether a hobby or profession can make a writer feel very lonely, which is why writer communities, both online and offline can be so beneficial to writers. Do you have a community of fellow writers that you meet with or communicate with on a regular basis?

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