Reddit for Writers

Reddit is a site where a lot of topics can and are discussed. It’s no surprise that they have their own communities for writers. There are at least two of them under the tags writing and write.

The site provides a forum for asking questions of other writers about all sorts of questions. For example if you want to ask somewhere where to find a good editor, there might be someone on reddit who can answer that question. Looking for a publisher who works with your genre of story? Asking on reddit might be the way to go.

Maybe you are looking for someone to help you translate a piece of your story in another language. Someone from a country where that language is spoken is probably on the site. Or maybe like this reddit user you are trying to build a portfolio from the other side. It’s not just writers who hang out there, but also people who are looking for writers and want to find the right people to publish.

Or maybe like this user, you have exhausted publishers looking to publish something and now are trying to figure out what to do next. Do you keep trying, publish it yourself, or start something new? It can be a difficult question to answer. What kind of question would you want to ask people on reddit?

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